Pitt County Little Library Map

In an effort to make the public aware of locations where books are accessible across Pitt County’s ~650 square miles, a Google Map has been created documenting many current Pitt County Little  Library locations and the caretakers who maintain them. Meant to serve as community book exchanges inspiring all readers to bring books and take books, Pitt County’s Little Library locations are widely varied. Some exist within businesses, some were created or erected by individuals and groups who simply love books, and some are designated as chartered official Little Free Libraries on the Little Free Library national website. Typically most locations include books for a wide range of ages, but some are curated by caretakers depending upon the community members they serve. Feel free to add books to any county location. 

Google Map Navigation Tips: Click on each icon to view an existing Pitt County Little Library location. If you know of other existing Pitt County Little Libraries/Little Free Libraries, current caretakers not indicated on the map, or would like to serve as a caretaker for a current location with no caretaker noted, please email READ ENC at info@readenc.org. As other citizens and groups consider adding Little Libraries, hopefully this Google Map will help them identify other potential Pitt County locations where books are less accessible, sometimes called “book deserts”.

Winterville Baptist Church

Salem United Methodist

107 Lakewood Dr.

Pitt County Little Libraries Gallery

Special thanks to Alice Reed for her initial volunteer work to develop this Pitt County map.