Reading Champion: Jenny Gribble


READ ENC Reading Champion: Jenny Gribble

Jenny Gribble is the Reading Specialist for the Horizons Summer Program at the Oakwood School and is an Instructional Coach for the Pitt County Schools. Her efforts to encourage every child she touches to succeed as a learner and develop a love of reading are remarkable. According to Kris Arnold, Horizons at Oakwood’s Executive Director, Jenny’s understandings of determining what students know and what they need to learn next have led to not only to huge gains in reading achievement among our Horizons students but also to its rating as one of the highest achieving programs throughout the Horizons National network of 60+ affiliate sites across the country. Jenny holds licensure as a Reading Specialist and completed her graduate degree at East Carolina University.

Nominated by: Kris Arnold, Executive Director-Horizons at Oakwood

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